Use a stanley knife to cut a small piece out of tray so that Graphic organisors can stand up.

By laminating Graphic organisors they can written on with a whiteboard marker and can be used as Thinking Prompts rather than becoming labourious tasks!

The Graphic organisers below are PDF's which can be printed out, several can be added to or altered.
Remember if you are using the iPad, Apps such as PDF Expert, Goodreader or Screencomp enable you to write on and use PDF's digitally or collaboratively.
42 page pdf file of graphic organisers
Blank Monthly Calendar
Cause and Effect Chain
Circle Diagram
Clock Diagram (make own)
Cluster Diagram
Comparison-Contrast Chart
Concept Map (for lesson/unit)
Concept Event Map
Conclusions Chart
Cycle Diagram (make own)
Evaluation Pyramid
Fishbone Planner
Five W's
Five W's and H
Frayer Model (make own)
Free Form Circle Web
General Organiser
Icecream Cone
KWHL (make own)
KWL Chart
Main Idea and Details Chart
Making Connections
Persuasive Planner
Photo Scrapbook
Pie Chart
Positive-Negative Chart
PMI (make own)
Rank Order Chart
Sensory Details Chart
Sequence Chain
Spider Map
Story Map
Think, Pair, Share
Timeline Form
Weekly Journal
What If Chart
Y-Chart (make own)

Even More.....
Graphic Organisors
More Graphic Organisors

You can never have enough Graphic Organisors!
Still More Graphic Organisors