Michael Pohl (2009, ICOT) feels that
"In developing a thinking culture, it is important to provide teaching and learning activities that will
  • Empower students with the language, tools and strategies to engage in a wide range of analytical, critical, caring and creative thinking tasks
  • Provide on-going opportunites for developing, practising and refining the skills of thinking
  • Provide instruction and practise in ways of mangaing, organising and recording thinking
  • Engage students in the higher order thinking skills
  • Assist in the transfer of skills to everyday life and everday situations as tools for life-long learning."

Here is an example of the inside of a Junior Toolbox.

I chose this style of toolbox and it had compartments on top and a tray inside plus it is light and cheap!

In the top compartment I keep Post it Notes, Blue Tac, Stick on Dots, Push Pins, Paper Clips (all those bits and pieces that support 'getting ideas down', 'group thinking' and options for fast and easy display.

Examples of contents can be found on each of the pages within this wiki, some resources have been created to suit an individual purpose.
For example if you have a Schoolwide Inquiry Model think about creative ways to turn this is to a kinesthetic resource. This school model was a two page document that although user friendly for staff was not so user friendly for learners. By putting the model and supporting material back to back, laminating and cutting into 'segments' it is now a fun tool to be referred to in a instant. Every child could have their own hands on model and by adding a lanyard or key chain hook it could be worn, or hung in a handy place in the classroom.


As well as the Thinkers Tool Box resources on each of the wiki pages you will find other resources, links and support material to build on and enrich the thinking culture in your learning space.