Solo Taxonomy as a Model of Learning
Firstly an acknowledgement to Pam Hook and Julie Mills for allowing me to link to and add a few of their resources to this site (2011).
Please visit Pam's site "HookED" for her contact details, information and a taste of what your school could be experiencing with the support, nurturing and huge wealth of knowledge she has to offer.

The 12 schools I was contracted to in 2011/2012 all adopted SOLO as their 'Model of Learning' and are each working alongside Pam or Julie to embed their new knowledge and understandings. Each school is experiencing noticible 'change' in teacher, student and learning outcomes. As a result I have had numerous requests to highlight how SOLO links with some of the Thinking Tools on this wiki.

Downloadable resources source directly from the Hooked on Thinking Website.
Thinking interventions coded against Student Learning Outcomes

Clear, concise poster of where the 'thinking tools' fit against the SOLO rubric.

Linking more than just the 'tools' to SOLO.

Plase note:
SOLO is not something you just 'do'. The thinking, the theory, the research and development, the clear links and depth of understanding is gained through working with Pam or Julie to create 'real' change and to develop a culture of reflective thinkers who are able to articulate their understanding of a topic with clear intent and purpose.