• Today I ...
  • Tomorrow I ...
  • Yesterday I ...
  • I wish I could ...
  • Imagine if I ...
  • I'd like it if ...
When would I use in the Classroom?
  • News time
  • Story Writing prompt
  • Oral language prompt
  • I would suggest ...
  • Do you think ...
  • I feel that ...
  • I was thinking ...
  • Have you thought about ...
  • So your saying ...
When would I use in the Classroom?
  • For supporting oral language
  • Confidence boosting
  • Explicit teaching and nurturing of 'Point of View'

  • What could I have done better?
  • What did I do well?
  • Have I completed the task?
  • Have I used what I found to complete the task?
  • Did I find the information I needed?
  • What would I do differently next time?
When would I use this in the Classroom?
  • Reflection circle
  • Through out the Inquiry process
  • Part of the 'review and do' cycle
  • Can I think of any more key phrases?
  • Can I find any synonyms for the key words?
  • Can I write my questions better?
  • Is this the best resource for the information I need?
  • Do I need to check this information?
  • Do I have enough information now to complete the task?
When would I use this in the Classroom?
  • To review and reflect
  • Through out the Inquiry process
  • As a group 'stop and share'
  • To question and challenge a 'think partner'
  • This is a fantastic resource but it is created to 'whole class teach' or 'display on a wall'
  • Why not make it into a resource that learners can 'handhold' and interact with more easily...
  • Visit http://www.thinkshop.org/ for this resource and others like it.
I transfered the questions onto bright cards and numbered the 'stages' on the back of each card to ensure the groups stay together.
  1. Clarify or Explain
  2. Elaborate or Develop
  3. Justify
  4. Apply
  5. OPV (Other People's Viewpoint)

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Jamie McKenzie FNO - from now on

Jamie McKenzie Questioning

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Trevor Bonds Questioning Wiki http://question-skills.wikispaces.com/


George Forman University of Massachusetts