• Fluro stars from Tauranga Education Resource Centre
  • Stickers from the $2 Shop (I bought 2 sheets which each had 2 of each face on them, giving me sets of 4 - cost was $2 for 2 sheets)
  • Note: Card very heavy so didn't bother laminating.
When could I use in the classroom?
  • For random class grouping
  • For allocating tasks (eg. Sad faces .......)
  • For group rotations (eg. Sad faces start.....)
  • For expressing feelings during discussion or thinking time
  • 'Block' of thick shiny card $2 Shop (Silver, Gold and Black in one block)
  • Kiwiana stickers $2 Shop (I bought 4 sheets of stickers @ $2 each = $8.00)
  • Note: I laminated the card to ensure strength and that stickers stayed on.
When could I use in the classroom?
  • As above
  • Due to numbers can be used with larger groups (eg. Buddy class)
  • With smaller groups each learner could have a 'set' (eg. Pukeko) and add their card to contribute point of view (Pro/Con/Debating) to a discussion (this will often pull those in that would otherwise not have contributed)